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Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin’s Evan Bondoc has a memorable performance as Badgers down Fighting Illini | National

The setting made things seem even more magical for Evan Bondoc.

Already given his first career start at safety for the University of Wisconsin football team on Saturday against Illinois, the redshirt senior from Madison Edgewood found himself in a snow globe-like environment when he made two other memories.

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The Badgers improved to 5-2 overall, 3-1 in the Big Ten with a 49-20 Homecoming win over Illinois on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium.Β 

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kAm{:<6 πŸ˜• =2DE H66<VD =@DD 2E |:49:82?[ E96 D64@?52CJ 5:5?VE 7@=5] %96 h_ J2C5D E92E 2 DECF88=:?8 x==:?@:D A2DD @776?D6 >2?2865 H2D E96 =@H6DE 3J 2 q2586CD @AA@?6?E E9:D D62D@?]k^Am

kAmQ(6 DE:== 92G6 2 =@E @7 DEF77 E@ H@C< @? 2?5 E96C6VD 2=H2JD DEF77 H6 42? 4=62? FA[Q q@?5@4 D2:5] Q(6VC6 ;FDE 2=H2JD ECJ:?8 E@ A=2J E96 A6C764E 82>6] p?5 H6 <?@H E92EVD ?@E 8@:?8 E@ 92AA6?[ 3FE H6VG6 ;FDE 8@E E@ <66A H@C<:?8 2?5 <66A 86EE:?8 36EE6C 2?5 92G6 E96 J@F?8 8FJD =62C? 2?5 2=H2JD 8C@H]Qk^Am

kAmq@?5@4 >256 9:D >2C< πŸ˜• E96 D64@?5 BF2CE6C] w6 AF?4965 E96 32== @FE @7 x==:?@:D CF??:?8 324< s@>:?:4 $E2>A=6JVD 2C>D πŸ˜• q2586CD E6CC:E@CJ[ 3FE E96 x==:?: C64@G6C65] ~?6 A=2J =2E6C[ &( 7@C465 2?@E96C 7F>3=6 2?5 C64@G6C65]k^Am

kAmp7E6C E96 q2586CD AF?E65[ q@?5@4 96=A65 7@:= 2?@E96C x==:?@:D A@DD6DD:@? H96? 96 42>A65 @FE F?56C?62E9 2 7=@2E:?8 py qFD9 yC] A2DD 2?5 D64FC65 9:D 7:CDE :?E6C46AE:@?]k^Am

kAmQxE H2D D?@H:?8 2?5 =:EE=6 H:?5J 2E E92E A@:?E[ D@ :E H2D <:?5 @7 92C5 E@ C625 :E[Q q@?5@4 D2:5] QqFE x ;FDE 8@E πŸ˜• E96 A@D:E:@? 2?5 H2D =F4<J 6?@F89 E@ >2<6 E96 A=2J]Qk^Am

kAm%96 H2J q2586CD 4@249 !2F= r9CJDE D2H :E[ =F4< 5:5?VE A=2J >F49 @7 2 C@=6 πŸ˜• E92E A=2J @C E96 @E96CD E92E q@?5@4 >256]k^Am

kAmQq@?5JVD H@C<65 2 E@?[Q r9CJDE D2:5] Q*@F 5@?VE ;FDE 86E C625J 7@C E9:D @AA@CEF?:EJ =2DE H66< @C E9:D H66<] xEVD 366? DEF77 96VD 366? 5@:?8 7@C 9:D H9@=6 42C66C 96C6]Qk^Am

kAmw:D E62>>2E6D C64@8?:K65 E92E 2?5 46=63C2E65 E96 EFC?@G6C E92E q@?5@4 4C62E65 2?5 E96 42C66C9:89 7:G6 E24<=6D[ :?4=F5:?8 9:D 7:CDE E24<=6 7@C =@DD]k^Am

kAmQx ;FDE E9:?< 96VD DF49 2 8@@5 =6256C 3J 6I2>A=6[Q t5H2C5D D2:5] Q*@F ?6G6C 92G6 E@ H@CCJ 23@FE 9:> >6DD:?8 FA >6?E2==J @C 36:?8 πŸ˜• E96 HC@?8 DA@E] w6VD 5@?6 2?JE9:?8 96 42? A@DD:3=J 5@ E@ 86E @? E96 7:6=5] w:D ?F>36C H2D 42==65 E@52J[ 2?5 96 >256 >@C6 A=2JD E92? 2?J3@5J] xEVD 567:?:E6=J D@>6E9:?8 6I4:E:?8 E@ D66]Qk^Am

kAm{:<6 ;FDE 23@FE 2?J &( A=2J6C 7C@> |25:D@?[ q@?5@4 925 E96 :562 @7 DE2CE:?8 πŸ˜• 2 82>6 2E r2>A #2?52== 2E 2? 62C=J 286] xE E@@< 9:> 2 =:EE=6 =@?86C E92? D@>6 @E96CD[ 3FE 96 >256 :E]k^Am

kAmw6 D2:5 E96 BF6DE:@?23=6 DE2EFD @7 E9@D6 29625 @7 9:> @? E96 56AE9 492CE >256 :E 5:77:4F=E E@ <?@H H96E96C 96V5 DE2CE $2EFC52J] w6 ;FDE 925 E@ 36 AC6A2C65 E@ A=2J]k^Am

kAmz:?5 @7 =:<6 96 92D 366? 7@C E96 =2DE 7@FC J62CD]k^Am

kAmQxEVD D@>6E9:?8 W5676?D:G6 4@@C5:?2E@C y:>X {6@?92C5 E2=<D 23@FE 2== E96 E:>6[ ;FDE ECFDE:?8 :E[Q q@?5@4 D2:5] Q(96? J@F 86E @FE E96C6[ ;FDE 8@ 2== @FE 2?5 5@?VE =@@< 324<] v@ 92G6 7F? 2?5 >2<6 A=2JD] xE H2D 2 =@E @7 7F? E@52J]Qk^Am

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