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Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Team Gets Rocked With Awful News

David Hookstead | Reporter

Rising Wisconsin Badgers basketball star Aleem Ford is out indefinitely with a knee injury.

I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointing and upsetting this is for the team, Ford, the fans and myself. This kid was primed to have a huge year! The Badgers need his soft shooting touch up front. I can’t stress this enough. Losing Ford is going to be huge.

I get the fact he’s going to return eventually, but we need him now. I’m not sure the Badgers have the parts necessary to sustain low depth in the front court over an extended period of time. I’m just not convinced at all. (RELATED: The Wisconsin Badgers Have To Take The Next Step As An Athletic Program. Here’s Why)

Why do bad things happen to such great people like myself? I’ll never understand why life is so unfair. First, our football team loses three damn games and now we lose one of our best basketball players. That’s just not right. I’m slowly starting to become convinced the universe is just out to get me.

Pray for Ford, pray for me and pray that the teams I love don’t continue to get absolutely screwed. That sure would be nice.

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