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UI Coach McCaffery reacts to Gary Dolphin’s comments about the team

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) — Long-time Iowa sports announcer Gary Dolphin is serving a two-game suspension after critical comments he made about the Hawkeye men’s basketball team were overheard during a radio broadcast commercial break.

“We get Maishe Dailey, who dribbles into a double team with his head down. God.”

Those comments were made Tuesday night during Iowa’s win against Pittsburgh.

KWWL asked head coach Fran McCaffery about the comments made by Dolphin Thursday during the regularly-scheduled weekly press conference.

“Really disappointed.  I was really disappointed in those comments. I think when one of our own attacks one of our players, it’s inexcusable.”

Dolphin made the comments while talking with his broadcast partner when he supposedly thought he was off-mic during a break.

The talk of Dolphin’s suspension went around social media Thursday, and on the University of Iowa campus.  Many students agreed with McCaffery, calling the comments poor taste.

“Honestly, I think it’s pretty disrespectful to Maishe and the rest of the basketball team, and I think he owes them an apology.  I think the suspension fits,” said UI sophomore, Dylan Ashbacher.

Another student, freshman Mahaley Dirks, was at Iowa’s win over Pittsburgh, and she said she was surprised to hear the comments.

“Everyone is human so they’re going to have options to everything, but they should also know they work at a radio station and know they could be heard at any time,” said Dirks.

Students said they thought the worst part about it was that Dolphin called out a player by name.

“If he would’ve said something about recruiting, not getting super specific, it wouldn’t have been as bad. It still probably would’ve been in poor taste, calling a player out individually. I was like, that could be the end for him, that’s pretty bad,” said UI sophmore, Jacob Norton.

McCaffery did talk to Dailey about the comments and said he’s handling it well, but the comments were uncalled for.

“That kid has played extremely well for us.  He plays hard, he’s a good person. He didn’t deserve it.”

In the news conference, McCaffery said Dolphin has not talked to the team. However, McCaffery did discuss it with them. He said they’ve dealt with it and are preparing for their upcoming game against Wisconsin.

The Hawkeyes play the Wisconsin Badgers, Friday at 7 p.m., at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Broadcast veteran Jim Albracht will call that game, as well as the next one, in place of Gary Dolphin.


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