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Wisconsin Badgers

Five True Facts about Wisconsin Football | BYU Football

1. Wisconsin’s first game was a 106-0 win in 1889 over Whitewater Normal School (now Wisconsin-Whitewater). It’s still the most lopsided win in school history. Then next week, the Badgers lost to Minnesota 63-0, the school’s most lopsided defeat.

2. Famous alums include aviator Charles Lindbergh, astronaut Jim Lovell, inventor Frank Lloyd Wright, actress Joan Cusack and NFL star J.J. Watt.

3. The Badgers home field, Camp Randall Stadium, is the fourth-oldest stadium in college football.

4. In the 1820s and 1830s, prospectors came to the state looking for minerals, primarily lead. Without shelter in the winter, the miners had to live like ‘badgers’ in tunnels burrowed into hillsides. That’s where Wisconsin’s mascot came from, according to legend.

5. Minnesota against Wisconsin is the most-played rivalry in FBS (123 times).

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