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Wisconsin Badgers

Five first-half takeaways propel Wisconsin Badgers past Illinois Fighting Illini | National

Late in the second quarter of the University of Wisconsin’s 49-20 victory over Illinois on Saturday, Olive Sagapolu dropped into coverage, shuffled in line with the eyes of quarterback MJ Rivers, batted his pass high into the air and cradled an unlikely interception that most 342-pound nose tackles would only dream of securing.

The brief but intense first-half snowstorm at Camp Randall Stadium had already subsided, but the Fighting Illini hadn’t yet escaped the flurry of turnovers that buried their chances of keeping pace with the heavily-favored Badgers.

kAm$282A@=F’D :?E6C46AE:@? >2C<65 E96 7@FCE9 @7 7:G6 7:CDE92=7 E2<62H2JD 7@C abC5C2?<65 &( Wda[ b`X[ 2 C67C6D9:?8 D:89E 7@C 2 q2586CD 5676?D6 E92E’D DECF88=65 7@C >F49 @7 E96 D62D@?]k^Am

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kAm&( 925 @?=J 7@C465 ?:?6 EFC?@G6CD 😕 D:I 82>6D 6?E6C:?8 $2EFC52J[ 2?5 E96 q2586CD 925?’E E2<6? E96 32== 2H2J 7:G6 E:>6D D:?46 2 H:? 2E |:??6D@E2 😕 a_`d] %96 =2DE E:>6 E96J 7@C465 7:G6 😕 @?6 92=7 42>6 324< 😕 a_`_[ 2 f_ab G:4E@CJ @G6C }@CE9H6DE6C?]k^Am

kAmt5H2C5D DE2CE65 E96 @FE3C62<] p7E6C &( 3682? E96 82>6 H:E9 2? “A=2J[ fdJ2C5 E@F495@H? 5C:G6[ t5H2C5D A:4<65 @77 x==:?@:D BF2CE6C324< py qFD9 2?5 C6EFC?65 E96 32== ag J2C5D E@ E96 u:89E:?8 x==:?:’D adJ2C5 =:?6] pC@? rCF:4<D92?< D4@C65 @? 2 abJ2C5 ;6E DH66A EH@ A=2JD =2E6C E@ 8:G6 E96 q2586CD 2 `c_ =625 =6DD E92? g >:?FE6D :?E@ E96 82>6]k^Am

kAm%96 @E96C 7@FC E2<62H2JD 2== 42>6 😕 E96 D64@?5 BF2CE6C @G6C 2 DA2? @7 7:G6 x==:?@:D A@DD6DD:@?D] %CF6 7C6D9>2? :?D:56 =:?6324<6C y24< $2?3@C? 7@C465 2 7F>3=6[ H9:49 r9C:D ~CC C64@G6C65 @? E96 &( abJ2C5 =:?6[ 2?5 D276EJ tG2? q@?5@4 :?E6C46AE65 2 A2DD @? E96 x==:?@:D cc E96 ?6IE E:>6 @FE]k^Am

kAm$282A@=F’D 3:8 A=2J 42>6 H:E9 bi_b =67E 😕 E96 7:CDE 92=7[ 3FE E96C6 H2D DE:== E:>6 7@C D276EJ tC:4 qFCC6== E@ <?@4< E96 32== 7C66 7C@> CF??:?8 324< #688:6 r@C3:? ;FDE 367@C6 96 9:E E96 EFC7 @? x==:?@:D’ ?6IE 5C:G6[ H9:49 4@C?6C324< #24925 (:=58@@D6 C64@G6C65]k^Am

kAm&(’D @776?D6 5:5?’E 42A:E2=:K6 2E 7:CDE] %96 5C:G6 27E6C $2?3@C?’D 7@C465 7F>3=6 DE2==65[ 2?5 q@?5@4’D :?E6C46AE:@? =65 E@ 2 >:DD65 afJ2C5 7:6=5 8@2= 7C@> #2726= v28=:2?@?6]k^Am

kAm%96 A=2J 7@==@H:?8 E96 >:DD[ r@C3:? E@@< 2 92?5@77 E@ E96 C:89E D:56 367@C6 4FEE:?8 :E 324< 2== E96 H2J E@ E96 =67E 2?5 CF??:?8 g_ J2C5D 7@C 2 E@F495@H?] s6DA:E6 E96 62C=J =625 2?5 E9C66 E2<62H2JD E@ E92E A@:?E[ x==:?@:D Wbc[ `bX 925 4FE E96 q2586CD’ 25G2?E286 E@ `cf H:E9 ei`h C6>2:?:?8 😕 E96 7:CDE 92=7]k^Am

kAm“{:<6 H6 E9@F89E 4@>:?8 :?[ E96J’C6 46CE2:?=J 2? @776?D6 E92E’D 42A23=6 @7 3:8 A=2JD[” &( 4@249 !2F= r9CJDE D2:5] Qp?5 J6E[ x E9@F89E @?6 @7 E96 DEC6?8E9D @7 E9:D E62> 😀 C6DA@?5:?8[ 2?5 J@F’G6 8@E E@ EFC? E96 A286] {62C? H92E J@F 42? 7C@> AC6G:@FD A=2JD[ 3FE J@F 8@ 7@CH2C5[ 2?5 x E9@F89E @FC 8FJD 5:5 2 8@@5 ;@3 @7 E92E E9C@F89@FE E96 52J]Qk^Am

kAm&( BF2CE6C324< p=6I w@C?:3C@@< 9:E E:89E 6?5 y2<6 u6C8FD@? 7@C 2 afJ2C5 E@F495@H? @?6 A=2J 27E6C $282A@=F’D :?E6C46AE:@?[ 2?5 2? “J2C5 E@DD 7C@> w@C?:3C@@< E@ E:89E 6?5 zJ=6 !6??:DE@? 7@==@H:?8 qFCC6==’D 7@C465 7F>3=6 AFE E96 q2586CD FA agf =6DD E92? 7:G6 >:?FE6D 27E6C r@C3:?’D =@?8 CF?]k^Am

kAmw@C?:3C@@< 4@>A=6E65 `b@7aa A2DD6D 7@C `gg J2C5D H:E9 E9C66 E@F495@H?D 2?5 EH@ :?E6C46AE:@?D] w:D 7:CDE A:4< 2==@H65 E96 x==:?: E@ 255 2 daJ2C5 7:6=5 8@2= ;FDE 367@C6 92=7E:>6[ 2?5 9:D D64@?5 =65 E@ #2’’@? q@??6C’D `gJ2C5 E@F495@H? CF? H:E9 `_idf =67E 😕 E96 E9:C5 BF2CE6C[ H9:49 4FE E96 q2586CD’ =625 E@ ag`f]k^Am

kAmx==:?@:D 4@F=5?’E 4=@D6 E96 82A 2?J 7FCE96C] %96 q2586CD 32==@@?65 E96:C 25G2?E286 E@ ca`f 27E6C CF??:?8 324< %2:H2? s62= D4@C65 7C@> bh J2C5D @FE 2?5 7F==324< p=64 x?8@=5 42F89E 2 `hJ2C5 E@F495@H? A2DD[ 9:D D64@?5 D4@C6 @7 E96 52J]k^Am

kAms62= 25565 9:D D64@?5 E@F495@H? @? 2 eJ2C5 CF? H:E9 gi_g C6>2:?:?8 E@ >2<6 E96 D4@C6 cha_]k^Am

kAmQ(92E H6 D2H @? E2A6 2== H66< C62==J 42>6 E@ =:76[” x?8@=5 D2:5] “qFE x E9:?< H92E WCF??:?8 324<D 4@249 y@9?X $6EE=6 C62==J 9:E FD @? 62C=J H2D[ J@F 5@?’E D4@C6 ch ;FDE C@==:?8 @FE @7 365] *@F’G6 8@E E@ >2<6 :E 92AA6?] (6 H6C6 23=6 E@ 5@ E92E E@52J]Qk^Am

kAmp 3:8 C62D@? 7@C E96 q2586CD’ D62D@?9:89 A@:?E E@E2= 42>6 7C@> E96:C bdf CFD9:?8 J2C5D[ E96 E9:C5 DEC2:89E 82>6 &( 2G6C2865 >@C6 E92? D:I J2C5D A6C 42CCJ] y@?2E92? %2J=@C 42CC:65 af E:>6D 7@C `dh J2C5D[ H9:=6 s62= 7:?:D965 H:E9 “` J2C5D 2?5 EH@ E@F495@H?D @? ;FDE `a 42CC:6D]k^Am

kAm(9:=6 $2EFC52J’D @G6C2== A6C7@C>2?46 76== 72C D9@CE @7 A6C764E[ E96 q2586CD’ C646?E CFD9:?8 DF446DD DE2?5D 2D 2? 6?4@FC28:?8 56G6=@A>6?E 9625:?8 :?E@ E@F89 C@25 82>6D 2E }@CE9H6DE6C?[ !6?? $E2E6 2?5 !FC5F6 @G6C E96 ?6IE 7@FC H66<D]k^Am

kAm“xE H2D 2H6D@>6] %92E’D H92E :E D9@F=5 36[” &( =67E 8F2C5 |:4926= s6:E6C D2:5] QxE D9@F=5 36 E92E 3642FD6 E92E’D H92E H6’C6 8@@5 2E[ 2?5 E92E’D H92E H6 6I46= :?] p?5 E96? 7C@> E96C6[ :E D9@F=5 96=A E96 A2DD:?8 82>6] ]]] w@H :E WH2DX E@52J 😀 9@H :E D9@F=5 36 6G6CJ H66<]Qk^Am

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